1.     Novel H3N1 Swine Influenza Virus Identified In Pigs In Korea (Nov. 20, 2006) — For the first time, researchers from the U.S. and abroad have identified the H3N1 swine influenza virus in domestic pigs in Korea. A highly infectious respiratory pathogen, the H3N1 influenza A virus …  > read more

2.     Swine Flu Outbreak Illuminated By Avian Flu Research (Apr. 30, 2009) — A new study suggests that the potential for an avian influenza virus to cause a human flu pandemic is greater than previously thought. Results also illustrate how the current swine flu outbreak …  > read more

3.     U.S. Swine Workers At Increased Risk Of Infection With Swine Influenza Virus (Nov. 24, 2005) — With national attention focused on the avian flu threat, other infections that could be transmitted from animals to people are also coming under scrutiny. People with work exposure to pigs, such as …  > read more



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