H1N1 virus fatal case of human influenza.


Antigenic analyses with postinfection ferret antisera and monoclonal antibodies to recent H1 swine hemagglutinins indicated that the hemagglutinin of this virus was antigenically related to, but distinguishable from, those of other influenza A (H1N1) viruses currently circulating in swine. Oligonucleotide mapping of total viral RNAs revealed differences between A/MD and other contemporary swine viruses. However, partial sequencing of each RNA segment of A/MD demonstrated that all segments were related to those of currently circulating swine viruses. Sequence analysis of the entire hemagglutinin, nucleoprotein, and matrix genes of A/MD revealed a high level of identity with other contemporary swine viruses. Our studies on A/MD emphasize that H1N1 viruses in pigs obviously continue to cross species barriers and infect humans.

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