News – Health – ‘Ibuprofen best’ for child fevers . Last updated: 2 Sep 2008The concern is the relative ease with which children could receive an overdose. Fever is very common in young children, affecting seven in every 10 preschool children each year.

  • news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7592585.stm

  • News – Health – On the malaria frontline . Last updated: 3 Oct 2002Malaria is a deadly disease which kills hundreds of thousands of the youngest children. It is simply the commonest serious illness that children get right across Africa it’s there all the time.”


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  • News – Scotland – Drug debate rages on at Holyrood . Last updated: 4 Feb 2006Drug education It signals a major shift away from the philosophy that children are always best left with their parents. And it strengthens the role of the Drug Enforcement Agency.


  • Health – Conditions – Febrile convulsionsFebrile convulsions are seizures (sometimes known as fits) that occur in a child with a high fever of over 39°C (102.2°F). Three per cent of children have at least one febrile convulsion.


  • Health – Conditions – SepticaemiaOlder people, children and intravenous drug users are also more susceptible.


  • CBBC Newsround – Under-16s warned not to take aspirinThat’s the advice drug experts are giving children and parents. The popular painkiller may be linked to a rare disease that swells the brain and damages your liver, if taken when you have a fever.


  • News – TV and Radio – Johns’ arresting career . Last updated: 30 Jan 2002Two of his children also sold tales of domestic violence to a tabloid in the late 1980s.


  • News – UK – Barnardo’s then and now . Last updated: 12 Jan 2005Dr Barnardo himself lost three of his seven children to diphtheria. But now drug and alcohol misuse among children themselves is becoming a spiralling menace.


  • News – Africa – ‘Bad syrup’ kills Nigerian babies . Last updated: 26 Nov 2008The NAFDAC said symptoms among the children who had taken the syrup included diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and convulsions, and that they had not been able to pass urine for several days.




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