Many children will not be hungry when they are ill. However, you should try to give them plenty of fluids to drink, such as milk, soup, yogurt, popsicles, or Jell-O. Watch for signs of dehydration:

  • dry mouth (inside of mouth is sticky)
  • no tears when crying
  • sunken eyes
  • is not passing urine (peeing) or has diapers that are less wet than usual
  • tired and weak

2. Acetaminophen (Tempra or Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)

Remember that fever helps the body fight infection. A fever does not always need to be treated. If your child feels uncomfortable, whether or not it is due to the fever, you can give acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Remember to check the bottle for the concentration of the medication to make sure that you give the right dose. If you are not sure, call:

  • Calgary Health Link at 403-943-LINK (5465)
  • Capital Health Link at 780-408-LINK (5465)
  • 1-866-408-LINK (5465) toll-free if you live outside of these two areas

Products with aspirin (ASA) in them should not be given to children because of the risk of developing a serious illness called Reye’s syndrome.

Cough, cold, and sinus products have other medications added. These products are usually not recommended or needed.

3. Bathing

Having a bath may make your child feel more comfortable, but it does not really change the temperature inside the body. Try a lukewarm bath or wet face cloths. A bath that is cool will be uncomfortable. It can also cause the child to shiver, which can make the temperature go even higher. Alcohol baths and alcohol rubs are not recommended, as a child’s skin can absorb alcohol.

4. Clothing

Losing heat through the skin allows the body to lose heat and may make your child feel more comfortable. Dress light clothing. If your child starts to shiver, add warmer clothing – remove them when the shivering stops.


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