Title:   Fever – febrile convulsions
Publisher:   Better Health Channel
Description:   A febrile convulsion is a fit or seizure that occurs in children when they have a high fever or high temperature. A febrile convulsion is not epilepsy and does not cause brain damage, but can be frightening for a parent or caregiver. Lie the child on their side during a fit and make sure they do not breathe in vomit. Call an ambulance if the fit lasts for longer than five minutes. Take the child to a doctor after the fit is finished.
Date:   Dec 2008


Title:   Temperatures and febrile convulsions in children
Publisher:   myDr
Description:   A raised temperature (fever) is a common event in childhood, but there are some steps that can help.
Date:   Oct 2008


Title:   Febrile convulsions
Publisher:   Multicultural Health Communication Service (NSW)
Description:   A febrile convulsion is a common medical condition. Approximately three percent of children aged 6 months to 6 years have a convulsion when they have a fever or high temperature.

Title:   Febrile convulsions
Publisher:   Sydney Children’s Hospital,The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Description:   A small percentage of children may have a convulsion when they have a high temperature. The high temperature is almost always caused by an infection. This page describes why they occur and how they should be treated.



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